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Participate in the Dagger Ball

Imperial domain, Terrace of the Bladed Robe
[[[ Île de l'Impératrice Célestine ]]], Hawkoria
Each week, an ornamented dagger is presented to a distinguished guest at the castle. The latter, if it wishes, may order the servants to hold a ball in his honor or for an important cause to him. He can also use the valuable weapon for cutting soft cheese in the event.
Durée: 00:01:40

Effort: 0,4

Loot to obtain

Display item quantity percentages
Bone decorative dagger
Barkhein Bone Decorative Dagger18 %
Rigid Bone Decorative Dagger17 %
Vargard Bone Decorative Dagger115 %
Glass decorative dagger
Krystalid Decorative DaggerKrystalid Decorative Dagger12 %
Marapidos Decorative DaggerMarapidos Decorative Dagger18 %
Leather decorative dagger
Barkhein Leather Decorative DaggerBarkhein Leather Decorative Dagger112 %
Firm Leather Decorative DaggerFirm Leather Decorative Dagger110 %
Metal decorative dagger
Steel Decorative Dagger110 %
Silver Decorative Dagger13 %
Stone decorative dagger
Diorite Decorative DaggerDiorite Decorative Dagger13 %
Lanferite Decorative DaggerLanferite Decorative Dagger15 %
Simblior Decorative DaggerSimblior Decorative Dagger13 %
Wood decorative dagger
Cedar Decorative DaggerCedar Decorative Dagger12 %
Gurdismo Decorative DaggerGurdismo Decorative Dagger13 %
Melandrin Decorative DaggerMelandrin Decorative Dagger13 %
Salandrin Decorative DaggerSalandrin Decorative Dagger12 %
Yew Decorative Dagger12 %

* Statistics calculated with 59 recorded loots for this action.

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Terrace of the Bladed Robe
Participate in the Dagger Ball
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