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Aenerys Caleron

Night Archer’s Inn, Black Arrow Tavern
Forest of the Last Assault, Norstria

Quêtes initiées par Aenerys Caleron


The fox counter-attack30 po   0 pa   0 pc-- Caleron Caleron x10
Tracing: Rune : Frim Tracing: Rune : Frim
Everything is under control Everything is under control

The wyvern's crown10 po   0 pa   0 pc----

The diamond of Halmvik15 po   0 pa   0 pc Foggy Pearl x16--

The vulufang's shadow20 po   0 pa   0 pc Foggy Pearl x16 Caleron Caleron x10
Recognition Recognition x2

A rose without thorns12 po   0 pa   0 pc---- / © 2013-2017
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