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Commerce Building, Construction


FrameworkFrameworkx 10
WallWallx 10
Rigid roofingx 3
Cloth roofingx 2
FoundationFoundationx 5
CounterCounterx 1
Ornamentx 1
Commerce Machinex 1

Recommanded construction components

   Tribal Agreement
FrameworkMelandrin Framework
WallOak Insulated Wall (Norstrian Mohair)
Rigid roofingNuertesilicio Thatch Roof
Cloth roofingWaxed Cotton Roof of Cloth
FoundationLithosnow Foundation

Loudthunder forest
   Clandestine Agreement, Naval Agreement, Tribal Agreement
FrameworkFir Framework   (Available in a shop)
WallFir Plank Wall   (Available in a shop)
Rigid roofingFir Shingle Roof   (Available in a shop)
Cloth roofingLinen Roof of Cloth   (Available in a shop)
FoundationFir Foundation   (Available in a shop)

   Naval Agreement, Nordic Agreement
FrameworkCedar Framework
WallCedar Insulated Wall (Wool)
Rigid roofingCedar Thatch Roof
Cloth roofingWool Roof of Cloth
FoundationCedar Foundation

Giant Plains
   Clandestine Agreement, Hybrid Agreement, Tribal Agreement
FrameworkMaple Framework
WallLinen Wall of Cloth   (Available in a shop)
Rigid roofingOak Thatch Roof
Cloth roofingWaxed Cotton Roof of Cloth
FoundationSandstone Foundation / ę 2013-2017
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