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Foggy Pearl

Foggy Pearl

» Where to get this item?
» Where to use this item?

Cet objet est demandé pour les quêtes

The collection
Final offer
A second contract
A stone of knowledge?
A first contract
A fourth contract
A third contract
Travel on the Pearl

Where to get this item?


City of Hawkoria
Bockbottom Tavern
Tell 20 testimonials to Mave500100%

City of Hawkoria
Bockbottom Tavern
Tell 12 testimonials to Mave250100%

City of Hawkoria
Bockbottom Tavern
Tell five testimonies to Mave110100%

Behemoth Portal
Behemoth Portal - G4
Trade the sapphire dust30100%

City of Hawkoria
Bockbottom Tavern
Tell one testimony to Mave20100%

Wreckage of the Rotarian
Wreckage of the Rotarian
Lure the Sea Prowler1-4100%

The Plank
The Plank
Lure the Royal goat1-4100%

Lure Blacktop1-4100%

Sacred mine
Sacred mine - D5
Lure the White Catoblepas1-4100%

Maliken's Forest Shelter
Maliken's Forest Shelter
Lure Crodor the bear1-4100%

Spiders Nest
Spiders Nest
Lure Araknidras1-4100%

Old Castle in Ruins
Old Castle in Ruins
Lure Scorpidus1-4100%

Library in Ruins
Library in Ruins - B1
Draw gears2100%

Garrun'gol Cave
Garrun'sal Waterfall
Perform the Garrun'gol dance1-475%

Orogoi forest
Orogoi forest - C3
Perform the wolf dance1-450%

Loudthunder Quarry
Loudthunder Quarry
Clear the quarry site of trees1-540%

Mushrooms Cave
Mushrooms Cave - B2
Lure the albino snake1-425%


Behemoth Portal
Behemoth Portal - E2
Fight the guardian9?%

Town Square
Lover's bench
Recite the poem2-15100%

Ourakantir's temple
Ourakantir's temple
Fight Iriza6-9100%

Spiders Nest
Spiders Nest
Burn the webs3-10?%

Beast's Nest
Beast's Nest
Invoke the mysterious animal1-1192%

Tarsinith Laboratory
Tarsinith Laboratory - A2
Open Higrann's casket1-1078%

Fourth troop set up
Fourth troop set up
Fight hipporages5?%

Vernarson Farm
Underground cave
Invoke the brigands of the depths1-860%

Hospital in the Wood
Hospital in the Wood
Supply plants to heal animals1-712%

Dukes district
Explore the tunnel head down4?%

Top of the World Forge
Top of the World Forge
Supply Albas Buskemine with ingots1-624%

Dowen cellar
Dowen cellar - D3
Destroy the skeleton2-4?%

Wolvera Park
Wolvera Park - E3
Lift the tapestry3?%

Supply wood to Gedeon1-521%

Behemoth Portal
Behemoth Portal - G6
Search the bodies3?%

Silver wild boar (2)
Silver wild boar (2)
Fight the silver young wild boars (2)3?%

Sword Cape
The Oryctus Tavern
Sign a contract with the Abdek Farak Ar2-428%

Spiders Nest
Spiders Nest
Lure Araknidras32%

Lure Blacktop2-33%

Solitude Estate
Solitude Estate
Supply leather to Solitude Estate1-431%

Sword Cape
Veteran's camp
Sign a contract with the Scarlet Mandrake2?%

Sword Cape
Fortified camp
Sign a contract with The Eliandel Claws1-320%

Wreckage of the Rotarian
Wreckage of the Rotarian
Lure the Sea Prowler23%

Sparkling gem
Sparkling gem
Pick up the sparkling gem1-363%

Elisime ruins
Secret Sewing Workshop
Wait for a new predator to appear2?%

Behemoth Portal
Behemoth Portal - G7
Invoke the skeletal troglodyte1-213%

Beryl Park
Beryl Park - E4
Ring the small bell140%

Behemoth Portal
Behemoth Portal - D5
Face the unwanted visitors1?%

Behemoth Portal
Behemoth Portal - G7
Fight the troglodyte1?%

Catorpicar's lair
Catorpicar's lair
Fight the catorpicar1?%

Spiders Nest
Spiders Nest
Search the spiders' nest1?%

Abandoned Coastal Village
Abandoned Coastal Village
Search an historical site in Lanfar1?%

Random combats

Town Square
Monster's den

Library in Ruins
Library in Ruins - A1


Dowen cellar
Dowen cellar - A1

Dowen cellar
Dowen cellar - A3

Dowen cellar
Dowen cellar - B1

Dowen cellar
Dowen cellar - B3

Dowen cellar
Dowen cellar - C1

Dowen cellar
Dowen cellar - C3

Dowen cellar
Dowen cellar - D3

Hills of the Seven Mirrors
Hills of the Seven Mirrors

Vernarson Farm
Paved road

Loudthunder Forest
Loudthunder Forest

Orogoi forest
Orogoi forest - B2

Aifaran's Laboratory
Aifaran's Laboratory - A2

Aifaran's Laboratory
Aifaran's Laboratory - B2

Gilfaniel Laboratory
Gilfaniel Laboratory - A1

Gilfaniel Laboratory
Gilfaniel Laboratory - B1

Gilfaniel Laboratory
Gilfaniel Laboratory - B2

Ice Laboratory
Sohena Island - A3

Ice Laboratory
Sohena Island - B4

Ice Laboratory
Sohena Island - C2

Ice Laboratory
Sohena Island - C3

Ice Laboratory
Sohena Island - C4

Ice Laboratory
Glass Bridge - D2

Ice Laboratory
Glass Bridge - E2

Talendrome Laboratory
Talendrome Laboratory - B1

Talendrome Laboratory
Talendrome Laboratory - B2

Tarsinith Laboratory
Tarsinith Laboratory - B2



Howling Swamps
Howling Swamps

Sacred mine
Sacred mine - B5

Shortblades Mountains
Shortblades Mountains

Renaissance Mountains
Renaissance Mountains

Giant Plains
Giant Plains

Behemoth Portal
Behemoth Portal - E3

Behemoth Portal
Behemoth Portal - E6

Behemoth Portal
Behemoth Portal - H2

Elisime ruins
Elisime ruins - B4


Catoblepas Valley
Catoblepas Valley

Passive harvesting

Cape End-of-the-WorldPassive harvesting10-20120%

DenPassive harvesting10-20120%

Lowenson IslandPassive harvesting10-20120%

Dragons' JawPassive harvesting10-20120%

Jotun ForestPassive harvesting10-20100%

Giant PlainsPassive harvesting10-20100%

Renaissance MountainsPassive harvesting10-20100%

HuntingwoodPassive harvesting--75%

StarfieldPassive harvesting10-2070%

Forest of the Last AssaultPassive harvesting10-2070%

Howling SwampsPassive harvesting10-2060%

Berrywood ForestPassive harvesting10-2050%

Goldenfog plainsPassive harvesting10-2050%

Threebrothers MountainsPassive harvesting10-2050%

Kingfalcon MountainsPassive harvesting10-2050%

Whitestone fieldsPassive harvesting10-2050%

Hills of the Seven MirrorsPassive harvesting10-2050%

Gruffgoat HillsPassive harvesting10-2050%

Loudthunder forestPassive harvesting10-2050%

Longwatch HillsPassive harvesting10-2050%

LufomirPassive harvesting10-2050%

Riverwood ForestPassive harvesting10-2050%

Shortpoint ForestPassive harvesting10-2050%

Silver MountainsPassive harvesting10-2050%

Shortblades MountainsPassive harvesting10-2050%

Plains of HawkoriaPassive harvesting10-2050%

Landel IslandsPassive harvesting10-2050%

Highaerie HillsPassive harvesting10-2050%

This item is a quest reward
Agreement regarding the prices
Outer tomb clash
Helping Saskia
Help Archibald Landel
Looking for the imps
Friends in the mountain
Fain's recommendation
No regrets
At the deepest of the Den
At Fain's service
With discretion
Black Woodland
Gift from Jotun
Gift for a princess
Serious business!
Ready again?
Hunted by brutes
Completing the manuscript
Hidden knowledge
Vegetal contraband
Convince the Tarasquan
In the Mongoose's den
Challenge the falcon
Challenge the tree spirit
Challenge the bear
From Halmvik to Agra Guarda
Hunt the intruder
Last fight
Last step
Last round
Bits of paper
Hunters fleeing
Flames and ruins
Business connections
A world of words
Rumors of ghosts
Suspicious disappearance
Second fight
Second round
Entertain the miners
Dominate the market
Iron duke
From horses to hippogriffs
Emissary chimeras
Survey in the Lower Depths
Enter the arena
Escort Timriel
Golem's evaluation
Explore the smugglers' tunnel
Fragmented fresco
Dalessi's seeds
Hero or courier?
Save Raya the she-wolf
There is something lizardly
Incursion into dark territories
More information on the Academy
More information on the Immured Market
More information on the guard station
Third time lucky?
All I want to say is thank you!
Judoc is missing!
An ancestor's benediction
The order
With the ogres
The mysterious farm
Naim's fiancée
Serpentine's twin
The ancient spear
Marchita's legend
The liberation of Zobrak
Vierna's mount
The nature of the bears
Birthday of a lord
Night of the Long Daggers
Recommendation from Naim
The Moon-Princess
Nycoll's revenge
The murder weapon
The assassination of the Hedgehog
The storm
The secret life of holes
A spoke in the wheel
The case of the Flying Serpentine
Beryl's choice
The nail in the coffin
The banquet highlight
Helping the wolves
The diamond of Halmvik
The right to information
The silver young wild boar
The lesser evil
The mystery of Anderversan
The perfect location
Nectar of the gods
The enigma of Dowen
The enigma of time
The power of paper
The price of peace
The owner of the camp
Returning home (Jinili Gurin)
Back to normal
The hobbling ghost
The seneschal's archives
Confessions of a guard
Lumberjacks and wolves
The dangers of curiosity
My ancestor's last words
The snake and the mongoose
The secret funds
A murderous lesson
The bad neighbors
The forgotten
The hipporiel tears
The assembled skeleton
Johan's research
Sirens are just tales
Sisters in arms
Treasures of the Den
The survivor
The crystal viperines
Other people's time
The explorers' grave
The tortolion and the oryctus
The seneschal's strange friend
Gheude's treasure
Luce's treasury
Assalans' winch
The third wish from the engineer
Recommendation letters
A mysterious vase
The identity of the rival
The egghead reptile
Offensive against the rats
Long long way from home
The vulufang's shadow
Spiritual light
My capture
Troglodyte memory
My eyes and ears
Better equipped troops
To bite the Mongoose
Unknown motivations
Mysterious laboratories
Don't fear the wolves
Watch falcons
You do not catch thieves with a beer
Take part in a banquet?
Unravel the Essemart mystery
Lovely evening between friends
Vulufang Peak
Tomb raiders
Jotungar Beach
To end with death
First contact
Criminal preparations
Fourth fight
Fourth round
Search and rescue
Rebuilding the guardhouse
Meeting Sor Choubard
Returning home (Nunzio)
There's no such thing as a free lunch
Customer service
So close to the goal
Follow Beutelgheu
On Zobrak's trail
In the footsteps of Marchita
Give hand
All bandits!
Identity barter
Third fight
Third round
Monster killer
You think you're good enough?
Do you feel ready?
You wanna make money?
A friend in need
Another fight?
The penultimate fight
An immoral banquet
A good thief knows how to go unnoticed
A cable to reach the stars
A courier for Parakonia
One last round
A broken association
A battle for the legends
A bony company
A flaw in the system
Illness in the family
An alarming situation
A poor infirmary
A major prey
A matter of trust
A dress with holes
A spectral touch
A strange accident
A whip for legends
A precious ore
A bit of osteopathy
A macabre puzzle
A spiritual stew
A burdening secret
A time for the research
A third signatory
One glass too many
An inexplicable theft
Towards Bolgatur
Unidentified remains

Où utiliser cet objet?

LieuActionQuantité requise

Dragons' JawTame a hipporage5

Anderversan - D4Create a beast of Anderversan500

Felgorn peakCreate a hill protosensor500

Heart of JotunCreate a forest protosensor500

Swamps ProtosensorCreate a swamp protosensor500

Poets' sanctuaryCreate a mountain protosensor500

The forbidden gardensCreate a snow protosensor500

Doctor Fulgarson's universityHire the glutomole5000

Doctor Fulgarson's universityHire the marid5000

Doctor Fulgarson's universityHire the emerust5000

Doctor Fulgarson's universityHire the Eternal Hiker6500

Behemoth Portal - G7Mystify the skeleton4

CastlePlan the 100 runes night100

Behemoth Portal - G7Purify the corrupted energy10

Molins' ruins - C2Use your metascience skills1000 / © 2013-2017
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