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Hybrid Agreement

Hybrid Agreement

Commercial agreement
» Where to get this item?
» Where to use this item?

Cet objet est demandé pour la quête

In connection with Vallero

Where to get this item?


Establish contacts in Eufelburg1-4100%

Immured Market
Immured Market
Establish contacts in the Den1-2100%

Bolgatur fortress
Bolgatur's market
Establish contacts in Bolgatur220%

Arzen camp
Arzen camp
Establish contacts with Arzens125%

Borzem camp
Borzem camp
Establish contacts with Borzems110%

Passive harvesting

Jotun ForestPassive harvesting--160%

DenPassive harvesting--150%

Giant PlainsPassive harvesting--100%

Shortblades MountainsPassive harvesting--75%

Howling SwampsPassive harvesting--25%

This item is a quest reward
From Halmvik to Agra Guarda
A cable to reach the stars

Où utiliser cet objet?

LieuActionQuantité requise

EufelburgTrade at Eufelburg4

Immured MarketTrade in the Den4

Borzem campHaggle with Mifune3

WindthrowsHaggle with Perenelle2

Immured MarketHaggle for black varec3

The Moccasin InnOffer commercial agreements to Arico2

Madame Isolde's lodgeConvince Gammael to help Saskia4

HeadquartersDraft an academic agreement8 / © 2013-2017
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