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Military Artifact Fragment

Military Artifact Fragment

Unknown artifact Fragment
» Where to get this item?
» Where to use this item?

Cet objet est demandé pour les quêtes

Military stories
The little collector

Where to get this item?


Wreckage of the Bortran
Wreckage of the Bortran
Search for military artifacts1-3100%

Racinor Ruins
Racinor Ruins
Search for military artifacts1-340%

Silveroak Ruins
Silveroak Ruins
Search for military artifacts1-320%

Harshduel Ruins
Harshduel Ruins
Search for military artifacts1-310%


Lupuntar's fortress
Lupuntar's fortress
Get a lupuntar rune1-214%

Sword Cape
Fortified camp
Sign a contract with The Eliandel Claws117%

Dowen cellar
Dowen cellar - C1
Search the human remains1?%

Passive harvesting

Shortblades MountainsPassive harvesting1-390%

Shortpoint ForestPassive harvesting1-330%

Plains of HawkoriaPassive harvesting1-310%

Goldenfog plainsPassive harvesting1-310%

This item is a quest reward
Family tree

Où utiliser cet objet?

LieuActionQuantité requise

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