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Naval Agreement

Naval Agreement

Commercial agreement
» Where to get this item?
» Where to use this item?

Where to get this item?


Noroft Port
Establish contacts in Noroft1-4100%

Maliken harbor
Maliken Market
Establish contacts in Maliken1-3100%

Fortified creek
Fortified creek
Establish contacts at the fortified creek250%

Bolgatur fortress
Bolgatur's market
Establish contacts in Bolgatur1-350%

Craneharbor's public market
Establish contacts in Craneharbor110%

Passive harvesting

Loudthunder forestPassive harvesting--150%

LufomirPassive harvesting--140%

Riverwood ForestPassive harvesting--120%

Plains of HawkoriaPassive harvesting--100%

Goldenfog plainsPassive harvesting--100%

Berrywood ForestPassive harvesting--100%

Hills of the Seven MirrorsPassive harvesting--100%

Renaissance MountainsPassive harvesting--50%

Silver MountainsPassive harvesting--50%

Whispering forestPassive harvesting--50%

Whitestone fieldsPassive harvesting--50%

Shortblades MountainsPassive harvesting--25%

Howling SwampsPassive harvesting--25%

Où utiliser cet objet?

LieuActionQuantité requise

The Heroes' ShelterBuy Umbrec's legacy12

Maliken MarketTrade in Maliken2

MarketTrade in Noroft4

Fortified creekEstablish a trade route15

Maliken MarketHaggle for oliater sap2

Maliken MarketHaggle for alsafa leaves3

Secret DockHaggle for ayrann bones2

Secret DockHaggle for ayrann leather3

Secret DockHaggle for maestram3

Immured MarketHaggle for black varec3

Secret DockHaggle for krystalid glass5

Bolgatur's marketHaggle for lithosnow4

Bolgatur's marketHaggle for salandrin3

HeadquartersDraft a commerce agreement3

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