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Norstrian Mohair Fabric

Norstrian Mohair Fabric

Fine fabric
» Where to get this item?
» Where to use this item?

Where to get this item?



Sword Cape
The Oryctus Tavern
Sign a contract with the Abdek Farak Ar1-572%

Spy's Estate
Spy's Estate
Invoke spies1-237%

Lower hobrad
Trade in Halmvik11%

Solitude Estate
Solitude Estate
Supply leather to Solitude Estate1?%

Vernarson Farm
Underground cave
Invoke the brigands of the depths13%

Hospital in the Wood
Hospital in the Wood
Supply plants to heal animals18%

Tarsinith Laboratory
Tarsinith Laboratory - A2
Open Higrann's casket14%

Available in a shop

Bolgatur fortress
Bolgatur fortress
Serafinnas / [[[ Serafinnas ]]]
0 po   30 pa   39 pc

Création en atelier

Atelier - [[[ ]]][[[ Tisser le mohair norstrien ]]]1100%

Où utiliser cet objet?

LieuActionQuantité requise

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