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Behemoth Portal - A6

Behemoth Portal
Den, Lanfar
Old torn books cover the floor of this ancient library. A watchful observer will notice that some letters were deliberately torn from pages. Southwest, a part of the ceiling collapsed.
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Personnage présent

Beutelgheu, R.U.N.

Available actions in this location


Climb eastward

Available actions when the quest below is completed
The egghead reptile

Pick up pages with holes
00:00:050--Perforated paper Perforated paper

Available actions when the quest below is accepted
Open the wall

Look for explanations
00:00:100--Studied mecanism Studied mecanism

Use old texts
00:00:100--Studied mecanism Studied mecanism

Study the mechanism
00:00:100--Studied mecanism Studied mecanism

Location map

image Behemoth Portal - A6

LocationEnv.What to find there

Behemoth PortalCavern45--

Behemoth Portal - A2Cavern45--

Behemoth Portal - A4Cavern47--

Behemoth Portal - A6Cavern47 Studied mecanism Studied mecanism, Perforated paper Perforated paper

Behemoth Portal - B2Cavern45--

Behemoth Portal - B3Cavern45--

Behemoth Portal - B4Cavern45 Lizard is free Lizard is free

Behemoth Portal - B5Cavern45 Discovered trail Discovered trail

Behemoth Portal - B6Cavern47--

Behemoth Portal - B7Cavern47--

Behemoth Portal - C2Cavern45--

Behemoth Portal - C4Cavern47--

Behemoth Portal - C5Cavern49--

Behemoth Portal - C7Cavern50--

Behemoth Portal - D5Cavern49 The lizard s prey The lizard's prey

Behemoth Portal - D7Cavern50--

Behemoth Portal - E2Cavern55 Spoils searched Spoils searched, Tomb guardian is defeated Tomb guardian is defeated

Behemoth Portal - E3Cavern53--

Behemoth Portal - E4Cavern53--

Behemoth Portal - E5Cavern53--

Behemoth Portal - E6Cavern52 Bemecalmos Bemecalmos, Bemekinetos Bemekinetos

Behemoth Portal - E7Cavern50--

Behemoth Portal - F2Cavern57--

Behemoth Portal - F3Cavern57--

Behemoth Portal - F4Cavern60 Loot Loot, Cryptograms lexicon Cryptograms lexicon

Behemoth Portal - F5Cavern53 Beginning of the fresco Beginning of the fresco

Behemoth Portal - F6Cavern53--

Behemoth Portal - F7Cavern50--

Behemoth Portal - G1Cavern59 Mysterious arrowhead Mysterious arrowhead

Behemoth Portal - G2Cavern57--

Behemoth Portal - G3Urban57--

Behemoth Portal - G4Urban55 Guardian golem s necklace Guardian golem's necklace, Foggy Pearl Foggy Pearl

Behemoth Portal - G6Cavern55 Loot Loot, Statue password Statue password

Behemoth Portal - G7Cavern55 Loot Loot, Ritual accomplished Ritual accomplished, Kryanroc torch Kryanroc torch

Behemoth Portal - H2Cavern59--

Behemoth Portal - H3Cavern59 Guardian golem s necklace Guardian golem's necklace, Sapphire dust Sapphire dust

Behemoth Portal - H4Cavern62-- / © 2013-2017
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