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Blackcauldron Inn

Teasan village
Goldenfog plains, Hawkoria
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Personnages présents

Feder Betsamin
Honoris Hillsy

Available actions in this location


Hunt for the Blackcauldron

Life in the hills00:20:004,80 po   1 pa   0 pc
Land: Hill

Available actions when the quest below is accepted
Mystery interviews

Question the artisans
00:05:001,2--Interviews in Teasan Interviews in Teasan

Available actions when the quest below is accepted
Birthday of a lord

Record a testimony in Hawkoria
--Testimony collected Testimony collected

Available actions when the quest below is accepted
The young blacksmith

Recruit a young blacksmith
00:01:150,3--Young blacksmith Young blacksmith

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LocationEnv.What to find there

Teasan villageUrban8 Leon or Lucia s appearance Leon or Lucia's appearance, Watermill study Watermill study, Cargo ready to go Cargo ready to go, Blurred path in Teasan Blurred path in Teasan

Workshop Recipe: Brass Ingot Recipe: Brass Ingot, Recipe: Zinc Ingot Recipe: Zinc Ingot, Recipe: Zinc Nuggets Recipe: Zinc Nuggets

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Public forge--

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