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Plains of Hawkoria, Hawkoria
Although the village of Craneharbor is small, its large docks can host a good number of ships. They are guarded by Falconers and each ship is inspected upon arrival. People here seem friendly, but suspicious at the same time.
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Personnage présent

Aldaron, Guide

Available actions in this location

Available actions when the quest below is accepted
Command the armies

Let the sailors do their job
00:00:100--Orders given Orders given

Order the sailors to unload the crates at dock number 8
00:00:100--Orders given Orders given

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Craneharbor captaincy Casadir Empty Ampoule Casadir Empty Ampoule, Maple Charcoal, Agreement with Vera di Savoria Agreement with Vera di Savoria, Copper Ingot Copper Ingot, Tin Ingot Tin Ingot, Cassiterite Ore Cassiterite Ore, Malachite Ore Malachite Ore, Orchis Orchis, Knowledge of plants Knowledge of plants, Dried Russula Dried Russula, Salt Salt, Testimony collected Testimony collected

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