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Dormitory district

Maliken harbor
Loudthunder forest, Lanfar
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Available actions in this location


Build dwellings


Keep in contact with criminal informers
01:45:0025Amber Piece Amber Piece
Small Garnet Small Garnet
Small Lapis Lazuli Small Lapis Lazuli
Criminal Favor Criminal Favor x1-4

Available actions when the quest below is accepted
Saskia's redemption

Buy peace for the families
00:00:10015 po   0 pa   0 pc
Explanations given Explanations given

Infiltrate the crowd
00:00:1002 po   0 pa   0 pc
Explanations given Explanations given

Apologize to the families
00:00:10010 po   0 pa   0 pc
Explanations given Explanations given

Other locations on this site

LocationEnv.What to find there

The Runic Arrow--

Maliken harborUrban18 Agreement with Timriel Agreement with Timriel

Falconer's small fort Falconers to the rescue Falconers to the rescue, Falconers informed Falconers informed, Hint about the traitor s identity Hint about the traitor's identity, Testimony collected Testimony collected

Public MarketUrban23 Galderan s Bridle Galderan's Bridle

Maliken MarketUrban20 Slate Block Slate Block, Marl Block Marl Block, Loot Loot, Naval Agreement Naval Agreement, Tribal Agreement Tribal Agreement, Commercial Favor Commercial Favor, Alsafa Leaves Alsafa Leaves, Hemp Fiber Hemp Fiber, Cotton Fiber Cotton Fiber, Wool Fiber Wool Fiber, Linen Fiber Linen Fiber, Silk Fiber Silk Fiber, Nettle Fiber Nettle Fiber, Race oryctus Race oryctus, Copper Nuggets Copper Nuggets, Tin Nuggets Tin Nuggets, Cedar Plank Cedar Plank, Fir Plank Fir Plank, Oliater Sap Oliater Sap

Grizzly Butchers--

Steel heart--

Amandine's basement--

Northern Beauty--

Maliken docks--

Unsinkable II--

The Hazy Pearl--

Avalanche InnUrban15 Agreement with Timriel Agreement with Timriel

The North Star Unsealed Letter Unsealed Letter, Mederick s Contract Mederick's Contract

Colonial districtUrban45--

Maliken Construction YardUrban0 Academic Favor Academic Favor

Wood yard--

Stone yard--

Thousand Hands districtUrban30 Amzinas Quartz, Rumors initiated Rumors initiated

Pure metal!--

Knowledge and Power Loot Loot, Edmund Skeuse Edmund Skeuse, Artifacts Note Artifacts Note

Lithos and Silvanos--

Outfitters-- / © 2013-2017
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