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Encounter of the Other Kind

Lufomir, Norstria
The repulsive odor of a skunk pervades this building. Three tables out of every four seem ready to collapse. The owner is more interested in the generous bosom of his only waitress than in his customers. The employee in question hesitates between quitting her job on the spot and violently slapping her boss. Despite all this, the room is completely packed.
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Personnages présents

Hector Falamir, Conspirator
Albin Soriason, Chief investigator
Rowan Selenic, Murderer
Aeyoa Llywyn
Adolfo Johansson, Councillor
Talena Vinnerson, Scribe

Available actions in this location


Pick up the package
00:00:100--Mysterious Package Mysterious Package

Recruit a stroller
00:00:100--Mysterious Package Mysterious Package

Provoke the brutes00:00:1004 po   0 pa   0 pc
Mysterious Package Mysterious Package

Available actions when the quest below is accepted
A controversial deal

Intimidate the councillor
00:00:100--Johansson is convinced Johansson is convinced

Persuade the councillor
00:00:10025 po   0 pa   0 pc
Johansson is convinced Johansson is convinced

Bribe the councillor
00:00:10025 po   0 pa   0 pc
Johansson is convinced Johansson is convinced


Brute of the Encounter

Blunt Offense
Piercing Offense
Slashing Offense
Blunt Defense
Piercing Defense
Slashing Defense

Other locations on this site

LocationEnv.What to find there

The Singer's Jewels--

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Lower hobrad Loot Loot, Agreement Agreement, Clandestine Agreement Clandestine Agreement, Nordic Agreement Nordic Agreement, Commercial Favor Commercial Favor, Urban Favor Urban Favor

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High hobrad Change of tone by Camilla Change of tone by Camilla, Gathered evidence Gathered evidence, Interrogated witness Interrogated witness

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Traveler’s hobrad--

Valdera-Soriason academy Report: Valdera-Soriason Academy Report: Valdera-Soriason Academy

Historic hobradUrban45 Academic Favor Academic Favor, Craft Favor Craft Favor

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Long hobrad Vinnerson Vinnerson

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Dilapidated manor Loot Loot, Tanith is convinced Tanith is convinced, Filardent s Treasure Filardent's Treasure

Fargirsons' Manor Interrogated witness Interrogated witness

CourthouseUrban41 Filed accusations Filed accusations, Lower Depths reputation Lower Depths reputation, Report: Courthouse Report: Courthouse, Caleron Caleron, Vinnerson Vinnerson

Flayed Alley Arancor is convinced Arancor is convinced

Great Heron RoomUrban41 Gathered information Gathered information


Zon Zon Potions--

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