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Forest of the Last Assault

» Locations

Available actions in this region

Locations in the region

LocationEnv.What to find there

Catorpicar's lairForest40 News of the missing News of the missing

CraterSnow42 End of the hunting expedition End of the hunting expedition, Observed wyvernus Observed wyvernus, Jotungar Jotungar, Soriason Soriason

Devastated farmSnow39 Second trail Second trail

Forgiveness domainUrban42 Imperial Candy Imperial Candy

Koutiroun pierSnow40--

Lamberg forest societyForest55 Chore accomplished Chore accomplished, Testimony collected Testimony collected

Night Archer’s InnForest44 The Black Archers are convinced The Black Archers are convinced, Caleron Caleron

Rale Caleron's estateSnow32 Criminal pact Criminal pact

Righteous cemeteryForest45 Soriason Soriason

Snow starUrban42 Testimony collected Testimony collected

Sparkling riverForest45--

TatarakSnow35 Loot Loot, Runic Artifact Fragment Runic Artifact Fragment

Stolen ArtifactsForest40 Stolen Artifacts Stolen Artifacts / © 2013-2017
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