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Goldenfog Plains

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Available actions in this region

Locations in the region

LocationEnv.What to find there

Artisan's farmPlains1 Frail Bone Needle Frail Bone Needle, Hemp Bundle Hemp Bundle, Flax Bundle Flax Bundle, Soft Leather Soft Leather, Hemp Fiber Hemp Fiber, Cotton Fiber Cotton Fiber, Imperial Candy Imperial Candy, Copper Blade Copper Blade, Marl Grindstone, Small Uncut Cassiterite Small Uncut Cassiterite, Frail Bone Jewelry Mount

Crescent TheaterPlains8 Loot Loot

Sahod's oasisPlains5 Leon or Lucia s appearance Leon or Lucia's appearance, Gold Sprig Gold Sprig, Agreement with Sahod Agreement with Sahod, Alsafa Leaves Alsafa Leaves

Silveroak RuinsPlains7 Loot Loot, Military Artifact Fragment Military Artifact Fragment, Occult Artifact Fragment Occult Artifact Fragment, Common Artifact Fragment Common Artifact Fragment, Pages found in Silveroak Pages found in Silveroak

Strongmoton estatePlains9 Hemp Bundle Hemp Bundle, Cotton Bundle Cotton Bundle, Flax Bundle Flax Bundle, Nettle Bundle Nettle Bundle, Searched fields Searched fields, Incrimini proofs Incrimini proofs

Teasan villageUrban8 Leon or Lucia s appearance Leon or Lucia's appearance, Watermill study Watermill study, Cargo ready to go Cargo ready to go, Blurred path in Teasan Blurred path in Teasan

The Raven InnUrban22 Agreement Agreement, Clandestine Agreement Clandestine Agreement, Tribal Agreement Tribal Agreement

DepositPlains7 Recovered deposit Recovered deposit / © 2013-2017
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