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Lower hobrad

Lufomir, Norstria
Some call it the merchants' place, other prefer the term public market. Whatever you call it, in every city there is a place where owners set up shop and try to outsmart the others to attract customers. The lower hobrad is the perfect place for a visitor with deep pockets.
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Personnage présent

Romvald Oussalon, Merchant

Available actions in this location


Establish contacts in Halmvik
00:33:207,90 po   80 pa   0 pc
Nordic Agreement Nordic Agreement x2-5
Clandestine Agreement Clandestine Agreement x2-3 40%
Agreement Agreement x3-5

Trade in Halmvik
00:33:207,91 po   55 pa   0 pc
Clandestine Agreement Clandestine Agreement
Nordic Agreement Nordic Agreement
Loot Loot

Become an extraordinary glass-blower


Keep in contact with business informers
01:00:0014,3Small Amethyst Small Amethyst
Small Obsidian Small Obsidian
Small Jade Small Jade
Commercial Favor Commercial Favor x2-6

Keep in contact with urban informers
00:30:007,1Small Azurite Small Azurite
Small Cassiterite
Small Malachite Small Malachite
Urban Favor Urban Favor x2-6

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LocationEnv.What to find there

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Zon Zon Potions--

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