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Maliken Market

Maliken harbor
Loudthunder forest, Lanfar
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Personnage présent

Caroline Diadem, Merchant on the road

Available actions in this location


Trade in Maliken
00:33:207,91 po   0 pa   0 pc
Agreement Agreement
Naval Agreement Naval Agreement
Tribal Agreement Tribal Agreement
Loot Loot

Establish contacts in Maliken
00:33:207,90 po   12 pa   0 pc
Naval Agreement Naval Agreement x1-3
Tribal Agreement Tribal Agreement x1-2


Keep in contact with business informers
01:00:0014,3Small Obsidian Small Obsidian
Small Jade Small Jade
Small Amethyst Small Amethyst
Commercial Favor Commercial Favor x1-4


Haggle for oliater sap
01:06:4015,90 po   20 pa   0 pc
Naval Agreement Naval Agreement
Tribal Agreement Tribal Agreement
Oliater Sap Oliater Sap x1-2

Haggle for alsafa leaves
01:06:4015,91 po   0 pa   0 pc
Agreement Agreement
Naval Agreement Naval Agreement
Alsafa Leaves Alsafa Leaves x1-2

Haggle for a batch of threads
01:06:4015,92 po   0 pa   0 pc
Agreement Agreement
Linen Fiber Linen Fiber x10-15
Hemp Fiber Hemp Fiber x8-12
Cotton Fiber Cotton Fiber x8-12
Wool Fiber Wool Fiber x8-12
Nettle Fiber Nettle Fiber x8-12
Silk Fiber Silk Fiber x1-2 25%

Haggle for slate
01:06:4015,91 po   0 pa   0 pc
Agreement Agreement
Slate Block Slate Block x100

Haggle for copper
01:06:4015,90 po   50 pa   0 pc
Agreement Agreement
Copper Nuggets Copper Nuggets x125

Haggle for cedar
01:06:4015,90 po   45 pa   0 pc
Agreement Agreement
Cedar Plank Cedar Plank x125

Haggle for marl
01:06:4015,90 po   20 pa   0 pc
Agreement Agreement
Marl Block Marl Block x100

Haggle for fir
01:06:4015,90 po   15 pa   0 pc
Agreement Agreement
Fir Plank Fir Plank x125

Haggle for tin
01:06:4015,90 po   10 pa   0 pc
Agreement Agreement
Tin Nuggets Tin Nuggets x125

Available actions when the quest below is accepted
The tortolion and the oryctus

Buy race oryctus
00:00:1001 po   0 pa   0 pc
Race oryctus Race oryctus x1-2

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Outfitters-- / © 2013-2017
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