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Plains of Hawkoria

» Locations

Locations in the region

LocationEnv.What to find there

Aristocratic suburbsUrban10--

Bank by the Falconers' Dye WorksPlains15 Loot Loot

Berius deltaPlains2--

Berius WoodForest1 Hulbour Hulbour

City of HawkoriaUrban10 Leon or Lucia s appearance Leon or Lucia's appearance

CraneharborUrban1 Orders given Orders given

Falconers' stablePlains2--

Fellowship of the FalconersPlains2 Agreement with Sahod Agreement with Sahod, Hint about the traitor s identity Hint about the traitor's identity, The hipporiel feels fine in Hawkoria The hipporiel feels fine in Hawkoria

Harshduel RuinsPlains2 Loot Loot, Military Artifact Fragment Military Artifact Fragment, Common Artifact Fragment Common Artifact Fragment, Pages found in Harshduel Pages found in Harshduel

Mushrooms CaveForest0 Loot Loot

Pebble BridgePlains2 Loot Loot, Soil Sample Soil Sample

Small suspicious dockPlains2--

The Candy StoreUrban4--

The Gourins' farmPlains2 Flax Bundle Flax Bundle, Skill: Horticulture

The invisible bridgeUrban0--

End of the trailPlains2 End of the trail End of the trail

Jinili GourinPlains2--

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