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Universalium Falcorium

City of Hawkoria
Plains of Hawkoria, Hawkoria
Puissance thermique15
Puissance asemblage10
Puissance Corrosion15
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Personnages présents

Leonard of the Vince
Maria Prophetissa, Alchemist

Available actions in this location


Stonecutting seminar00:58:45141 po   0 pa   0 pc

Field: Science01:57:30280 po   50 pa   0 pc
Scientific Lexicon Scientific Lexicon

Assist a teacher


Prepare a sketch
00:45:0010,7--Sketch Sketch

Prepare a drawing
01:30:0021,4--Drawing Drawing

Prepare an analysis
02:00:0028,6--Analysis Analysis

Prepare a study
03:00:0042,9--Study Study

Prepare a thesis
05:00:0071,4--Thesis Thesis

Available actions when the quest below is accepted
Birthday of a lord

Record a testimony in Hawkoria
--Testimony collected Testimony collected

Available actions when the quest below is accepted
A laboratory plan?

Research at the university
02:18:5333,10 po   30 pa   0 pc
Research in Hawkoria Research in Hawkoria

Other locations on this site

LocationEnv.What to find there

Livalai tools--

The druid's nose--

The arena--

Architectak Buildimik--

Falconius museum Invitation acceptance Invitation acceptance, Loot Loot, Artifacts Note Artifacts Note

Merchants' district Agreement with Vera di Savoria Agreement with Vera di Savoria, Skill: Commerce, Solardran Fabric Solardran Fabric

Knowledge district Academic Favor Academic Favor

Military district Military Favor Military Favor, Testimony collected Testimony collected

City of HawkoriaUrban10 Leon or Lucia s appearance Leon or Lucia's appearance

Warbling and plumage Guide tabard Guide tabard

Artisans' districtUrban5 Windmill study Windmill study, Craft Favor Craft Favor, Gold Ingot Gold Ingot

Metalgod workshop--

Strongwood workshop--

Diamond towerUrban0--

Visitors' districtUrban4 Invitation acceptance Invitation acceptance, Criminal Favor Criminal Favor

Bockbottom TavernUrban6 Diverted attention Diverted attention, Volcanite Block Volcanite Block, Craftswoman Craftswoman, Forester Forester, Laborer Laborer, Page Page, Festive jugs, Nocturial Leather Nocturial Leather, Galandor Ingot Galandor Ingot, Foggy Pearl Foggy Pearl, Interviews at the Bockbottom Tavern Interviews at the Bockbottom Tavern, Witnesses met Witnesses met, Cyanblue Dye Cyanblue Dye, Greengold Dye Greengold Dye, Wingu Fabric Wingu Fabric, Volriziar Glass Volriziar Glass

Sweetmoon Inn Erudite Erudite, Nowind is listening to you Nowind is listening to you

The Heroes' ShelterUrban4 Upteth is convinced Upteth is convinced

The construction yard--


Residential districtUrban10 Urban Favor Urban Favor

Park in the noble district Skill: Spying

Colonial manorUrban38 Poet s problem resolved Poet's problem resolved

The King's Registry Invitation acceptance Invitation acceptance, Copper Wing: Alchemy, Copper Wing: Archeology, Copper Wing: Botany, Copper Wing: Carpentry, Copper Wing: Hunting, Copper Wing: Trade, Copper Wing: Woodcutting, Copper Wing: Sewing, Copper Wing: Animal Training, Copper Wing: Woodworking, Copper Wing: Exploration, Copper Wing: Extraction, Copper Wing: Foundry, Copper Wing: Forging, Copper Wing: Herbalism, Copper Wing: Horticulture, Copper Wing: Engineering, Copper Wing: Jewelry, Copper Wing: Leadership, Copper Wing: Masonry, Copper Wing: Prospection, Copper Wing: Stonecutting, Copper Wing: Tanning, Golden Wing: Wood, Golden Wing: Fashioning, Golden Wing: Fauna, Golden Wing: Flora, Golden Wing: Metal, Golden Wing: Stone, Golden Wing: Searching, Golden Wing: Science, Golden Wing: Sociability

School of arm--

Imperial districtUrban60--

Imperial court of record-- / © 2013-2017
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