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A bony company

Michelo Intro
Staircase to Nowhere
Okay... I have a feeling that you are going to judge me, but I have no other choice but to ask for help from experienced adventurers. If I'm here, it's because I've lost all my saving while gambling... Are you wondering why I am telling you that? Well... uh... I sold my herd of sheep to get information that could have made me rich. You know, there is a market for needles, especially for explorers. You know what I mean, right? Well... uh... In short, it takes corpses to make undead... that means there are a lot of bones somewhere... I know it is a macabre idea. But I had nothing left to lose. I was told that putting my hand on an important, uh, mine? Pit? Mass grave? It does not matter! If I could find a place, where there were tons of raw material, it would be enough to get it back, to take control of the market. You understand? So I paid a scout who claimed to have found such a place and I left with four or five henchmen. Unfortunately, the place was populated by... uh... moving bodies. All my team was decimated ... almost. In short, I will tell you where the place is, you will get rid of these monstrosities and I will pay you. We have a deal?

2 po   50 pa   0 pc
Foggy PearlFoggy Pearl   x12
Oceanic Dream DrizzleOceanic Dream Drizzle   x2
Celestre Dream DrizzleCelestre Dream Drizzle   x2

Available actions when quest is accepted


Grim pit
Fight the gravediggers
--Raw material secured Raw material secured

Grim pit
Create an explosive
Alcohologron Alcohologron
Gargkul Ash Gargkul Ash
Raw material secured Raw material secured

Grim pit
Force the gravediggers to fall
--Raw material secured Raw material secured / © 2013-2017
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