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Main quests

A broken association

Ankor Sowethal
Sowethal House
Yes ... yes ... Congratulations, you've managed to get the location of my house with one of my venerable allies. It is not because you have earned the confidence of one or two families that you can also easily get the confidence of the isbjorns from Tarasquan. Listen, do me a service, and I will speak with them. There! I lost contact with some associates from Hawkoria, some of which live in Lanfar. I wonder why they decided to cut ties and I also wish that you were trying to resolve the situation.

Association renewedAssociation renewed   x1
20 po   0 pa   0 pc
Tarasquan DoorsTarasquan Doors   x1
Foggy PearlFoggy Pearl   x16
Right of passage in TarasquanRight of passage in Tarasquan   x1 / © 2013-2017
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