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A cable to reach the stars

Amalvik Smallmeadow
Behemoth Gorge
To repair the elevator, you will have to find a cable as strong as the one that was originally used. This is where it gets complicated. The original recipe has disappeared, or rather was sold to a human nobleman named Assalan. Unfortunately, as we have very little contact with the rest of Myriaden, I have no idea if the recipe is still in his hands. If you could get it, we could craft the required item.

Yraen probably could tell you more about this recipe that is in the hands of one of his relatives. (If Yraen is not in your team, go back to where he rests and bring him here to talk with him.)

Exceptional cable recipeExceptional cable recipe   x1
4 po   0 pa   0 pc
Foggy PearlFoggy Pearl   x8
Hybrid AgreementHybrid Agreement   x5 / © 2013-2017
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