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A compromising medallion

Osayuk Borzem
Osayuk Borzem
Oh, you understanding when me talking? Perfect! Me needing help. I was with lover near Oshak... a sacred place where metals are pick up, and some... ogrins... ogrons... surprised us... Medallion of mine falling during me escaping. When me coming back, no finding it. If Borzem finding it before me, Osayuk be in trouble. You willing helping me? Me telling Mifune Borzem you helping me for other thing.

Osayuk s LocketOsayuk's Locket   x1
0 po   40 pa   0 pc
Traveler's Horn   x1
Favors done to the Borzem clanFavors done to the Borzem clan   x1

Available actions when quest is accepted


Sacred mine - B2
Pick up the locket
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