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Main quests

At the deepest of the Den

Amalvik Smallmeadow
Behemoth Gorge
Since you seem to have won the trust of the Archduke, I'll give you mine. There is indeed a way to repair the elevator, but you will have to get help from a wiseman with sufficient knowledge in many fields, including engineering. Come back when you have recruited a suitable assistant, you will need it, I assure you.

Wandering polymathWandering polymath   x1
4 po   0 pa   0 pc
Foggy PearlFoggy Pearl   x12

Quest chronology

At the deepest of the Den
A cable to reach the stars
    Assalans' winch
The third wish from the engineer
The forgotten
There is something lizardly
Follow Beutelgheu
    The rat in the wall
Hunt the intruder
The egghead reptile
    The secret life of holes
    A father and an archeologist
The seneschal's archives
At His Lordship's secret service
    On Zobrak's trail
Explore the smugglers' tunnel
The liberation of Zobrak
A report for the Archduke
Unusual instructions

Complete this quest to activate
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